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Here is a page written by the people involved in the All the King’s Fools performances. After you have read the blogs you can click on the link at the bottom and write your comments.

If you saw the performance we would love to hear from you. We have included the audience response forms on this website as Microsoft word documents. If you saw the show and did not have time to fill one in, please feel free to do so now and email it to us at info@allthekingsfools.co.uk or leave a comment on the site here.

If you have explored our website and would like to say something about it, we would also love to hear it.

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Directors Blog

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There hasn’t been time to blog since being that Hampton Court, but we have just finished our run of shows for the public and I am amazed at the quality of work that the actors produced, show after show.

When we arrived, we knew that the work we had done in the rehearsal room was of high quality, the question was – how would it go down at Hampton Court, and how would the public like it?

The initial feed back was excellent and that the shows got better day after day. As the actors got used to performing at the palace, they found the play in the shows again and really relished the opportunities to improvise.

We were excellently supported by members of the regular team who perform at Hampton Court who set the context of the ‘natural’ fools and allowed our actors the space to really explore their interpretation of the historic performances of sixteenth century fools.

We shall be posting pictures as soon as possible and hope to have video of the work up in a few weeks.

Watch this space!