Review From Julie McNamara

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We Received tehfollowing review of the show from Julie McNamara, who is a much respected theatre maker and arts practioner( http://www.artscouncil.org.uk/rfo/julie-mcnamara/ and www.juliemc.com ):

This is an extraordinary production, really well researched and very carefully thought through to ensure actors with learning difficulties retain creative control. I loved every minute of it. The audience’s engagement moved from wonderment, curiosity to glee. It’s so subversive. This kind of public event in the midst of a family day out at one of the monuments to British tourism has the capacity to change social attitudes, raise the profile of disabled actors and artists and take us back to the revered position that ‘innocents’ or ‘natural fools’ most certainly enjoyed during the reign of King Henry VIII. Food for thought! Well done to all involved.

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